PaviGym Fitness Tile (also listed as “Endurance” is ideal flooring for exercise machines, cardio rooms, and spinning rooms. It is comfortable to walk on without excessive slipping or friction. The Air Flooring System is comprised of millions of micro air bubbles that absorb the impact of exercise and the vibration of exercise machines, preventing injury, breakage, and noise.

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**Please Note that this is priced per Tile**

Pavigym is a polymer floor composed of a stable dense top surface overlain by a layer that contains millions of tiny air bubbles that help absorb impact and provide resilience. The flooring is an excellent solution for activities such as group exercise, group cycling, and mind/body applications
The interlocking tiles makes the floor easy and quick to install and allows the floor to be removed and stored or moved to another location. The tight interlock also prevents dirt or water to get between the tiles, and the antibacterial surface is extremely easy to maintain.