Body-Solid 6 Sided Cast Dumbbell


SKU Price Description Weight
SDX02 $3.30 2lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 2 lb.
SDX03 $3.98 3lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 3 lbs
SDX05 $8.25 5lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 5 lbs
SDX08 $13.20 8lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 8 lbs.
SDX10 $16.50 10lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 10 lbs
SDX12 $19.80 12lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 12 lbs
SDX15 $24.75 15lb. Hex Cast Iron Dumbbells 15 lbs
SDX20 $33.00 Body-Solid SDX20 20lb. Cast Dumbbells 20 lbs
SDX25 $41.25 Body-Solid SDX25 25lb. Cast Dumbbells 25 lbs
SDX30 $49.50 Body-Solid SDX30 30lb. Cast Dumbbells 30 lbs
SDX35 $57.75 Body-Solid SDX35 35lb. Cast Dumbbells 35 lbs
SDX40 $66.00 Body-Solid SDX40 40lb. Cast Dumbbells 40 lbs
SDX45 $74.25 Body-Solid SDX45 45lb. Cast Dumbbells 45 lbs
SDX50 $82.50 Body-Solid SDX50 50lb. Cast Dumbbells 50 lbs
SDX55 $90.75 Body-Solid SDX55 55lb. Cast Dumbbells 55 lbs
SDX60 $99.00 Body-Solid SDX60 60lb. Cast Dumbbells 60 lbs
SDX65 $107.25 Body-Solid SDX65 65lb. Cast Dumbbells 65 lbs
SDX70 $115.50 Body-Solid SDX70 70lb. Cast Dumbbells 70 lbs
SDX75 $123.75 Body-Solid SDX75 75lb. Cast Dumbbells 75 lbs
SDX80 $132.00 Body-Solid SDX80 80lb. Cast Dumbbells 80 lbs
SDX85 $140.25 Body-Solid SDX85 85lb. Cast Dumbbells 85 lbs
SDX90 $148.50 Body-Solid SDX90 90lb. Cast Dumbbells 90 lbs
SDX95 $156.75 Body-Solid SDX95 95lb. Cast Dumbbells 95 lbs
SDX100 $165.00 Body-Solid SDX100 100lb. Cast Dumbbells 100 lbs
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The dumbbell heads are cast completely around and through two high carbon Roll Pins permanently embedded in the steel handles. No matter how much they’re abused, they won’t break. Specially designed hexagonal shape prevents rolling and assures safer workouts. Raised silver numbers for easy readability and quick selection. All edges and corners are ground smooth for safe handling.

  • Cast from ASTM grade 20
  • Raised Silver Numbers
  • Edges Ground Smooth
  • Won’t Roll
  • 1-100 lbs.