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Xterra TR600 Treadmill

Motor – 2.75 HP Continuous Duties

The Xterra TR600 is powered by a smooth, quiet and commercial grade 2.75 HP continuous duty motor which build with quality components, making it adequate for most user. It can handle runner continue pounding on it with maximum speed up to 12 mph and 12% incline adjustment. Lifetime warranty is covered for this quality motor.

Frame – High Performance Sport Car Design

Inspire by high performance sport car design, the frame is build with heavy duty uniweld steel which coated with black and silver color, making it very sleek attractive look on Xterra trail racer 600 treadmill. The build up frame is sturdy and durable which protected by a lifetime warranty. It can support user up to maximum 325 pound continue pounding on it. Added, Xterra TR600 is a flexible machine which can be easily folded up to stored away after complete workout. The folding design is helping by Xterra’s “counterbalanced” easy lift and “soft drop” fold-down technology for space saving.

Running Surface – XTRA Soft Cushioning Technology

The 20″x 60″ is a perfect size for most user and also is a reference length for most treadmill. Xterra TR600 treadmill is equipped with this standard 20″ x 60″ running surface to provide more room for taller user and runner. Added, the running surface comes with XTRA Soft cushioned deck technology to protect your join, leg and back from injuries.

Workout Programs – Newly Introduce BitGym app

Xterra TR600 treadmill does not comes with variety choice of workout program and only with 5 pre-set, 2 user program and a manual training program. To further improve on it, Xterra is proudly present Xterra’s partnership with BitGym in order to enhance your workouts experience from the convenience of your home.

BitGym is the number #1 interactive cardio app for phones and table voted by user. It is truly amazing workout application that turns exercise equipment into video game machines. What you need to do is place your tablet or phone on your cardio machine and select one of over 100 HD tours from around the world to start on. There is no hardware to configure and directly connected Xterra TR600 with their patented tracking system which will utilizes the front camera on your phone or tablet to “see” your exercise motion.

The handgrip pulse sensors make it safer and easier than ever to ensure that you stay within your target workout zone.

Console – Bright Blue Backlit Display

All the Xterra treadmills are comes with bright blue backlit display in different size. Xterra TR600 is not too bad with 6.5″ easy to read display to monitor on all your necessary information like calories burned, time, distance, heart rate, and speed. The handlebar is mounted with speed and incline controls to adjust on your workout intensity by a click.

Extra Accessory – Standard

There are no much fancy accessory on Xterra Trail Racer 600 and it only comes with water bottle holder, integrated audio jack and speakers in order to reduce your boredom.


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Xterra ERG400 Rower

Key Features


The most surprising feature of the XTERRA ERG400 Rowing Machine is its console. The console has eight workout programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. We don’t think you’ll be able to find another rowing machine with this feature. In fact, you’ll probably need to spend at least another $250 to find a rowing machine that offers pre-programmed workouts. The workouts on the ERG400 Rower adjust intensity and simulate rolling terrain, valleys, ramps and mountains. There is also a fat burn profile. If you don’t like these, you can always customize your own workout in manual or with the user profile.


The XTERRA ERG400 Rower is a well made, well designed exercise machine. It has a strong aluminum frame that is backed with probably the best warranty that you will find in this price range. We really love the resistance system on this rower as well. It combines air and magnetic resistance which provides superior intensity and a smooth and quiet rowing experience. There are 16 levels of electronic resistance that allow you to adjust your intensity for the perfect workout. The last design feature we really like is the foldable design. With a 6’ footprint, the ability to fold really helps with storage.


On paper the XTERRA ERG400 Rower is one of the best designed and equipped rowing machines in this price range. However, there have been a few issues with this machine’s flywheel. There have been more than a few users who had problems in the first few months of operation. The issues include the rowing cable not retracting and/or the flywheel itself breaking. While the warranty on the ERG400 Rower is one of the best at this price point, it does not include labor. So, that means you might have to pay some money if this does become an issue with your machine.

Final Word on the XTERRA ERG400 Rower:

The XTERRA ERG400 Rower is probably the best designed and equipped rowing machine that we could find at this price. It comes from a well known manufacturer, is solidly built, has a great resistance system, superior console and a top-notch warranty. It’s tough to find something wrong with it. Our biggest concern is the number of complaints we’ve seen about the flywheel and rowing cable. That being said, it will be tough to find another rowing machine that can compete with the features on the XTERRA ERG400 Rower.



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