Hoist Mi5 Training Accessory Kit

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The HOIST Mi5 Functional Training Accessory Kit provides additional attachments (for the Mi5 Functional Trainer, sold separately) that allow for even more flexibility and exercise options on the Mi5 Functional Trainer. Purchasing this add-on package equips your gym with (shown accordingly); one (1) Mi5 Core Stabilizer Pad, one (1) Dual-Attachment Aluminum Long Bar, one (1) Aluminum Curl Bar, one (1) Dual-Attachment Long Strap, one (1) Padded Ankle / Thigh Strap and two (2) Carabiner Adaptors. Attach the Mi5 Core Stabilizer Pad for a stabilized variation of exercises that target the core and primary muscles. The Core Stabilizer can also be used as support for single leg exercises such as leg extensions and glute kicks.