Hoist V3 Home Gym (Pre-Owned)

$3,500.00 $1,295.00

The unique V Select Series by HOIST ® features sixty-four different configurations to accommodate every lifestyle. Engineered with the user in mind, the V Select Series provides you with the flexibility to customize your home gym and achieve your personal fitness goals.

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Hoist V3 Select Commercial Home Gym

This pre-owned Hoist V3 Home gym is a great value for someone looking for a home gym with a small footprint.
  • Ratcheting seat and back pad adjustment system provides quick and easy exercise positioning to accommodate varying body sizes.
  • Multi-function roller pad ensures correct exercise alignment during both leg extension and standing leg curl exercises.
  • Standing leg curl allows the user to exercise each side of the body independently.
  • Designed to simulate freeweight exercises, the V3 press arm features a 3-dimensional exercise movement allowing you to perform flat, incline, decline presses or fly exercises.