Octane Fitness LX8000 LateralX Elliptical

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Octane Fitness LX8000 LateralX Elliptical, quite simply, there is nothing like Octane’s multiple award-winning LateralX elliptical machine, which is a complete reinvention of cross training, with adjustable, lateral movement combined with a vertical stepping motion in multiple planes. Exercisers can move up and down, forward and back and side to side – for valuable muscle confusion and conditioning – all on one machine. Studies show that exercisers burn 27% more calories and use 30% more of the inner and outer thighs on the LateralX going from the lowest to greatest lateral width setting.

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The Octane Fitness LX8000 Lateralx is an award winning reinvention of cross training. The LX8000 features a lateral and vertical stepping motion. You can move up and down, forward and back and side to side with the Octane LX8000 Lateralx. Features such as the ThighToner and QuadPower makes the Octane LX8000 unique among other ellipticals. This pre-owned Octane Lateralx is a one-of-a-kind machine.

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