Spirit ST900FTS Expandable Functional Rig


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FTS900EX-1 $2,995.00 Fully Loaded Accessories: Landmine, Step-up Platform, Dip Station, Medicine Ball Target, Rope, Rope Anchor, Dumbbell Tray, Kettlebell Tray, Flat Tray, 4 Prong Hook Base with J-Hooks (2) & Safety Catches (2)
FTS900EX-1 $3,995.00 Fully Loaded w/ Accessories
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The Spirit ST900FTS Expandable Rig is a modular functional training system that provides facilities and trainers with the ultimate tools for infinite flexibility. Whether your clients are training for an obstacle race, looking to mix up their workout, or hooked on the latest trends in functional training, this system features a variety of workout stations and is highly configurable. The FTS900 offers a wide variety of options in a range
of footprints to accommodate multiple users.