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Technogym Excite® collection offers you a fully connected cardio experience. Enjoy the sensation of riding a real road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of positions to peak your performance

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Technogym® Excite + Bike Offers a Fully Connected Cardio Experience.

The Technogym® Excite + Bike offers you a fully connected cardio experience. Its new UNITY™ 3.0 console for personalized and diversified entertainment, new challenging workouts and innovative features are designed to deliver results in a fun and easy way. The new colors add a stylish touch to every space, and are the perfect solution for all facilities wishing to deliver special experiences.

Choose one of the new interval training workouts. Burnout increases resistance in relation to your power output. Burn more calories with Cross Training, for greater exercise variety, and Hills, for a more gradual workout. Or alternate effort phases, switching between pushing as hard as you can and recovering, with Hi-Low Blocks.

Technogym Excite Bike Key Features:

  • Bike can be equipped with the new UNITY™ 3.0, Advanced LED and Self-Powered LED consoles, to offer a totally engaging and diversified personal experience directly from the touch- screen console.
  • Enjoy maximum comfort thanks to adjustments at the back of the seat that make it possible to change position while seated.
  • Bike’s wider pedals provide greater stability and support. The straps can be easily adjusted by simply tightening and releasing the buckle.
  • Three position handlebars – Classic Position, City Bike Position and Race Position
  • Unity 3.0 Console: 18 – Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Profiles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Hi-Low Blocks, Hills, Cross Training, Burnout
  • Advanced LED / Self-Powered: 11 – Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Profiles (6)


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