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Body-Solid Tools 3-Way Soft-Sided Plyo Box BSTSPBOX

Body-Solid Tools 3-Way Soft-Sided Plyo Box BSTSPBOX

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Body-Solid Tools Soft-Sided Plyo Box

Whether you are beginning to integrate plyometric boxes into your workout routine or you’re an advanced jumper, Body-Solid Soft Plyo Boxes are for you!


Athletes of all levels use Plyo boxes to boost their vertical jumping ability and increase foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, leg strength, health, and explosiveness. Body-Solid’s all-new Soft Plyo Boxes feature a unique three-sided design. It’s like getting three different standard Plyo boxes in one. In addition, the soft sides minimize the potential for banged shins and scrapes that can sometimes occur with standard plyo boxes. Three diverse heights (20”, 24”, 30”) allow you to customize your workout and adjust on the fly. This unmatched versatility removes clutter from your workout space. The durable vinyl cover resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after heavy use. Never worry about footprints or dirt again; the vinyl covering allows easy cleanup. Safety is critical to the soft plyo box design, as the reinforced soft foam protects you on jumps while remaining firm enough to perform all your favorite plyometric movements.


The Body-Solid Plyo Boxes are a must-have training tool for explosive jump and speed training. Athletes of all levels use these boxes for forward, lateral, and other plyometric jumping drills. Increase your vertical jumping ability and drastically increase foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, overall leg strength and health, and "out of the blocks" explosion. The number of exercises you can perform is endless and only limited by your creativity. Professional, college, high school, and even grade school athletes can improve performance and increase speed, agility, and all-around fitness levels with plyometric training.
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