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Pre-Owned Legend Glute Ham Hyperextension 3130

Pre-Owned Legend Glute Ham Hyperextension 3130

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The glutes and the hamstrings are where the athlete generates his speed, power, and explosiveness. Unfortunately, the quadriceps are far better developed for most athletes than the hamstrings, resulting in many pulled hammies on the playing field. Develop strength where it matters with one of the industry’s leading glute/ham developers: the Legend Fitness 3130. A perennial best-seller, the 3130 makes lots of friends as a result of its robust construction and incredible value.

Features include a diamondplate footplate that is quick to adjust for height and length thanks to quality pop pins and chrome-plated adjustment surfaces, a chrome-plated guide rod to keep things from binding when adjusting for length and also to lend stability during exercises, a welded frame featuring resistance band pegs and heavy duty wear guards on the upper surfaces, mount/dismount handles with foam rubber grips and a thigh pad constructed of quality 32-oz. upholstery over dense foam padding that won’t break down even after heavy usage. Also available as an extra cost option are a set of wheels on the back and a foam rubber grip handle in the front so that the 3130 can be quickly rolled away, providing a flexible floorspace.

  • Chrome-plated guide rod and adjustment surfaces.
  • Resistance band pegs.
  • Wear guards protect from falling dumbbells.
  • Available with split pad (3130-S) or solid pad (3130).
  • L:69" x W:25.5" x H:47.25"
  • Ship Weight: 263 pounds
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