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Pre-Owned Precor CLM 835 Stepper /w Console

Pre-Owned Precor CLM 835 Stepper /w Console

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Precor CLM 835 Stepper

Key Features

The Precor CLM 835 Stepper is the gym owner’s dream: 4-bar step linkage designed to lengthen the lifespan of its Oilite bushings, durable aluminum foot pedals, sweat resistant molded vinyl hand-grips, 6-phase contact less generator, long-lived straight pull return springs, and toothed-drive belt. The 835 Climber has been designed from top to bottom with durability and strength in mind. This climber will operate for years with little to no need for maintenance or downtime, while providing users with a smooth, enjoyable workout. Novices and die hard enthusiasts alike will find something to like, with a step speed range of 30 to 180 steps per minute, adjustable in 5-step increments. The 835 has a step height range of 3 to 13 inches, with a step-up height of 19.5 inches, and a maximum user weight of 350 pounds. The self-powered LED readout can display a variety of real-time workout data, including floors climbed, total steps, resistance level, distance, heart rate, time remaining, and much more. There are 14 preset programs to choose from, including pyramid, twin peaks, rolling hills, custom weight loss, and aerobic training.
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