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Prism Deluxe Self-Guided Fitness Package

Prism Deluxe Self-Guided Fitness Package

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The best-selling Prism Fitness Smart Deluxe looks amazing in all fitness centers, and allows for easy access to all our Self-Guided training tools.
• Assembled rack with product dimensions: 70″ W x 30″ D x 90″ H

This Package Includes:
(2) Smart Mats, 16mm with Grommets (Blue)
(2) Smart Recovery Foam Rollers
(1) Smart Medicine Ball, 4lb (Yellow)
(2) Smart Medicine Balls, 6lb (Orange)
(2) Smart Medicine Balls, 8lb (Green)
(1) Smart Medicine Ball, 10lb (Blue)
(1) Smart Stability Ball, 55cm (Yellow)
(1) Smart Stability Ball, 65cm (Green)
(1) Smart Stability Ball, 75cm (Blue)
(1) Fitness Cable, 20lb (Purple)
(1) Fitness Cable, 30lb (Pink)
(1) Fitness Cable, 50lb (Orange)
(1) Fitness Cable, 70lb (Yellow)
(1) Fitness Cable, 90lb (Blue)
(5) Smart Quick Flip Single Pocket Handles (Pair)
(1) Smart Deluxe Storage Tower

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